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Get Your

'Revenge Body'


“Give Me Just 90 Minutes A Day For 5 Days And I’ll Reveal My Secrets On How ANY Woman, Regardless Of Age Or ‘Metabolism Strength’ Can THRIVE In Their Body.”                                                           

     - Natalie Jill

- Natalie Jill


Challenge Begins In:


Is This Challenge For Me?

Yes! The FREE 5-day event is for you, if you…

  • Are a woman in your 40s, 50s, and 60s and feel as if your “fit days” are over. (Hint: they are not… we just have to adjust things slightly! I will show you how to reclaim your MOTIVATION, Energy and drive QUICKLY)
  • Are frustrated how you let yourself go over the years… slowly feeling less and less like yourself… and now you don’t know where to start to get yourself back in shape
  • A busy “workaholic” that has to do it all… so you never have enough time or the energy in the day to workout— that gym equipment slowly transforming into an expensive laundry holder
  • Have tried ALL the “fad diets” in the past and have given up WHOLE food groups… but nothing seemed to “stick” or work well enough for a lifelong change in your overall health, habits, and mindset…
  • Want to get to the root issue of excess weight gain (especially in upper arms, thighs, and buttocks)... and why freeing yourself from unwanted fat goes against 99% of what most mainstream “health professionals” are saying…
  • Are willing to do whatever it takes to earn years back in your life… increase natural energy… Your rapidly changing hormones and metabolism are frustrating you!.. You want some answers and things that will actually work NOW!

If You Nodded Or Said “YES!” To Any One Of Those...

Then This FREE 5-Day Challenge Is Most Definitely For You, Regardless Of Your Age Or Gender

True Or False:

Releasing The Excess Weight And Bloat And Having Our Focus And Energy On Point, Is Not As Simple As It Once Was Decades Ago.

(FALSE: Here’s How THOUSANDS Of Women Over 40 Are Slimming Down, Getting Toned, And Feeling Better Than Ever!)

Picture This:

You meet up with your friends or family for a dinner. As always, someone grabs a cell phone to take a selfie of you all!

The picture is airdropped to your phone…

“Is that what I look like?” OMG. Can someone “fix that” you say to yourself not recognizing the heavy “old” person in the photo…

PLEASE DON’T POST IT you think. Almost embarrassed that you care… but you do!

“When did it all go downhill?
How did I let my weight get this bad…?”

I’ve seen it all before.

Women who have been working, working, working for years, focusing all of their attention on their kids, spouse, and career… and leaving themselves last.

I’m here to say:

It’s time to take back your health and get revenge on NOT putting yourself first.

It’s time to get revenge on what you have believed midlife years is SUPPOSED to look and feel like! You CAN truly thrive in midlife!

It’s time to get revenge on the storyline and excuses being made on YOUR behalf… messages we’re told to accept as we age:

“It’s just what happens as you get older… everything slows down, including your metabolism.”

“Women don’t age like men do…”

“...there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Throwing in the towel isn’t what you’re made of…

Today, I want you to be a lil’ bit selfish. I know this may sound ‘taboo’ but the truth is: if this is the ONLY body you’re given on planet earth, then don’t you want it to work with you rather than against you?

Don’t you deserve to give to yourself, so in turn, you can give others more fully?

How much would it mean to you if you could have the energy and body you’ve always wanted, with all of the benefits that come along with it…?

“What I wouldn’t give to feel the confidence that came with my younger, leaner body!” you might say to yourself…

Well, what if…?

What if you finally got to wear the cute clothes you've always WANTED…

rather than feeling frustrated

with your limited, unflattering options…?

And what if in just 5 days, you’re shown exactly how to get revenge on the unflattering wardrobe you feel trapped with… revenge on the bathroom scale broadcasting a 3-digit number you never thought you’d see…

…revenge on the missed opportunities in life you wish you had the confidence to say “yes” to…?

  • Women who want to step into the next chapter of their lives with more confidence and more energy than they've ever had before!
  • ​Women who are ready to get revenge on being told this is just “what happens” as we get older…
  • ​Women who have practically killed themselves for their kids, spouse, and career, and now want to get back in shape but don’t know where to start…

Women who want to be seen again.

If that’s you, then I want to formally invite you to join Get Your Revenge Body Challenge today for FREE!

Join ‘Get Your Revenge Body Challenge’


When you say “yes” and join the challenge for free today, I’ll show you, in just 90 minutes a day for 5 days, how to go from feeling worn-out and washed up and just overall exhausted…

…to the energetic, toned, and healthy person you were meant to be!

After the 5 days, you’ll have the tools and the blueprint necessary to continue down the path to optimal health!

Here’s What You Can Expect From The 5-Day

Get Your ‘Revenge Body’ Challenge

Get Your

‘Revenge Body’



Revenge Body Mindset

On day one, we’ll start off with the foundation to optimized health– your mindset. What’s a “revenge body” and why is NOW the time to get yours?!?

Clark and I will give you the necessary and simple daily practices that can “rewire” your brain that can help transform “effort” into “reward”– and in turn, create a feeling of DETERMINATION like you’ve never experienced before.

Best part? You don’t have to give up some of your favorite, occasional treats, either…;)


Revenge Body Meals That
Don’t Suck

Unless you are a professional athlete, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad “diet”...

What you put in your body MATTERS not just a lil’ bit, but MORE than you realize.

On day two, Clark and I will pull back the curtain on what “big food” is hiding in “healthy” options at the grocery store… and give you OUR daily eating habits you can adopt and begin to experience a positive outcome with your weight loss goals.

Plus! We’ll show you our protein packed, nutrient dense recipes we love to make, and then even give you the recipe book for FREE!


Revenge Body Movement

Getting in the best shape of your life does not mean destroying yourself at the gym for hours and waking up the next day feeling miserable…

That’s why we’re calling it “movement.” It’s about starting where you’re at and moving forward, exercising at YOUR pace.

On day three, we’ll show you the daily movements everyone over 40 needs to be doing to ensure healthy, limber joints…

…as well as the fat-burning routine that works with YOUR schedule and can begin to convert excess fat stores as energy you can feel!


Revenge Body

Listen, it’s no secret– we’re not getting the same nutrition as our grandparents. That’s why to help fill in the gaps with our nutrition, we supplement.

But there’s a problem– many people are either over supplementing, or they’re supplementing with the WRONG kind of supplements their bodies don’t need…

On day four, we’ll show you key supplementations everyone 40 and over should take (and what we take on a daily basis) to feel incredible and maintain a toned, fit body.


Revenge Body For Life

Today, it all comes together…

On day five, we’ll give you YOUR customized, Revenge Body Game Plan!

With your customized plan, you’ll have the step-by-step guide that will help you achieve (and maintain) the sexy, toned physique you deserve regardless of age!

Your Special Guests During This


Special Guest

During This

5-Day Challenge


Natalie Jill is a fat-loss expert, author, podcaster, high-performance coach, and serial entrepreneur. Natalie has helped millions of women around the world change their conversation around age, potential, and possibility.

Featured on numerous television programs, including ‘The Doctors’, Natalie has become one of the fastest growing fitness experts for women over 40 who want to earn back years while feeling confident in their bodies.

Time To Get Revenge And Have The Health & Body You Deserve

What You Can Expect From The

Get Your 'Revenge Body' Challenge!

Get Your

‘Revenge Body’


Before The Challenge:

  • ​Feeling sluggish, exhausted, and mentally drained...
  • Clothes feeling tighter...
  • Low confidence and low motivation...
  • ​Trying a new “diet" or program with little to no change in health results...

After The Challenge:

  • ​Naturally more energy that lasts the entire day!
  • Dropping pant sizes, week-by-week!
  • Huge confidence with an incredible drive!
  • ​Finally discovering YOUR weight loss plan that works around YOU!


Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For

Get Your 'Revenge Body' Challenge Today!

Get Your

‘Revenge Body’



  • FREE! 5 days of life-transforming easy-to-follow strategies to help you drop the excess weight, get toned, and have loads more energy.
  • FREE! The one toolkit that can help maximize your experience– helping you achieve your weight loss goals 10X faster!

NORMALLY: $2,997

Today's Price: FREE!


5-Day Virtual Encore Event: Get Your Revenge Body Challenge



(90 minutes per challenge day)


Because it’s your time to achieve the health and body of your dreams, no matter your age!

Now’s The Time To Seek Revenge On The Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Achieving The Health And Body You Deserve…

Join 'Get Your Revenge Body Challenge' Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is this 5-day event really free?

Yes! It’s completely free to join the Get Your Revenge Body Challenge Encore Event. There may be opportunities to upgrade your experience for a small, one-time fee, but the main challenge costs zero to join.

+ What is the likelihood of losing weight from this challenge?

This challenge is not a miracle and will not cause you to lose all of your excess weight in just 5 days. That would be unreasonable, and most likely, really unhealthy.

The 5-day Get Your Revenge Body Challenge is designed as a “jump-start” or a body reset. My team and I will give you the tools and knowledge necessary so that you may experience positive changes with your overall health in the long-run. This isn’t a fad diet or some “magic supplement.” This is a challenge to help you down the path to living your best, healthiest version of you.

+ Is this challenge just for women?

This challenge is for women AND men. While I (Natalie) will be coaching women, my guest and friend Clark Bartram, will be joining me and will be coaching men. This challenge is great for couples looking to get in shape together as a fun competition!

+How does the 5-day challenge work?

The challenge will run from 9 AM PST until 10:30 AM PST, Monday - Friday of the challenge. You’ll receive a special link each of those days to attend the challenge live.

Each challenge day builds on the next… so you DON’T want to miss a single day of the challenge or else it’s like missing a whole chunk of the weight loss puzzle.

+ Who is Natalie Jill?

Natalie Jill is a fat-loss expert, author, podcaster, high-performance coach, serial entrepreneur, and a close friend. Natalie has helped millions of women around the world change their conversation around age, potential, and possibility.

Featured on numerous television programs, including ‘The Doctors’, Natalie has become one of the fastest growing fitness experts for women over 40 who want to earn back years while feeling confident in their bodies.

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